Sitar | Stringed musical instruments from lute family | Information on Sitars
Sitars are plucked stringed musical instruments originating from the lute family. Find information on Sitar, types of sitars, the origin and its history and many more interesting facts on this stringed musical instrument that produces exotic music.

Sitar – classical Indian instrument, sitar description, tuning and adjustments of sitar
Sitar greatly resembles guitar and belongs to the same lute family of stringed instruments. It is an Indian classical stringed instrument that has long fretted neck and gourd-shaped body. Know more about adjustments and tuning of a sitar.

Sitar | How To Play Sitar | Information on Sitar Lessons
The sitar is captivating with its distinct and mystifying sounds. Intrigued individuals who wish to know how to play can turn to a variety of resources to learn sitar.

Anoushka Shankar – Contemporary Sitarist Extraordinaire
Known for pushing classical music and instruments to new discoveries, Anoushka Shankar has made a lasting impact on the international music scene.

Sitar music, favoured by biggest performers worldwide- Ravi Shankar, The Beatles, Rolling Stones
Sitar music, popularized by the ‘Quiet Beatle’, George Harrison in western world, has charmed music-lovers all over. Sitar music plays a memorable role in the work of musical superstars Rolling Stones and Metallica

Famous Sitar Players – Ravi Shankar, George Harrison, Vilayat Khan, Prem Joshua, Ronnie Wood
Among the most famous classical musicians playing Sitar are Ravi Shankar, The Khan family, Beatles famed George Harrison, Prem Joshua, Rolling Stones famed Ronnie Wood and many more.

Ravi Shankar – Award Winning sitar musician |
Ravi Shankar is an award winning sitar composer, teacher and writer who almost single-handedly spread the beauty of Indian music worldwide.

Ravi Shankar – Award Winning sitar musician |
Ravi Shankar is an award winning sitar composer, teacher and writer who almost single-handedly spread the beauty of Indian music worldwide.

Sitar – hailing from Indian classical stringed instruments family, originated from Vina | Guitar is considered a descendent of Sitar.
The origin of sitar lies with other Indian classical stringed instrument like, Vina, an Indian zither. Sitar is considered as main musical instrument among Hindustani culture.

Types of Sitar – Traditional Sitar, Electric Sitar, Bass Sitar also known as Surbahar are well-known sitar forms
Two main types of Sitars are Ravi Shankar and Vilayat Khan, named after true Sitar pioneers. Besides other variations are the bass sitar a.k.a Surbahar and electric sitar.

Electric sitars sound different from traditional stringed instrument | Perfect for rock, jazz and pop music styles
‘Electric sitars’ tone, quality and playing technique highly differ from traditional sitar. It is perfect musical instrument for rock, jazz and pop music styles. Easier to be played by guitarists, features standard fretboard and gutar tunings

Buy Sitar | Sitars for Sale | NEW and Used Sitar
‘Looking to buy a new or used sitar? provides helpful links to top websites that feature the R.V. and
the V.K. sitar for sale in both the United States, India and other nations.

Meditation And Sitar | Sahasrara Chakra | Sitar Music Ragas
Learn about how sitar music and ragas are useful for meditation. Learn about the sahasrara chakra and how the sitar can help open this chakra.

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Find all information on Sitars on The origin and history of this stringed musical instrument. Find details on different types of sitars – Ravi Shankar sitar, Vilayat Khan sitar, Bass sitar / surbahar and electric sitar.