Sitar and Ragas for Meditation
Sitar players know that their are amazing meditative properties associated with playing thesitar. The sitar reflects what is known as the Sahasrara chakra. When the Sahasrara chakra is fully opened up, we lay aside our conscious mind and thoughts and bask in the peace and tranquility of living in the now, the present moment at hand. This is why the instrument is so useful in meditation. Sitar players understand this and know they have to play the instrument with concentration, style and vigor so they can create a resonating sound and the emotive feelings that are so wonderful when expressed. You must adore the instrument so the instrument loves you back.
Music has always occupied an important status in Indian culture. Sitar music is of course traditionally cherished and embraced for meditation in India and Pakistan but it is also now employed for meditation in many countries throughout the world. You may try meditating to a wide array of ragas as a way to discover the mediation music that is suitable for you. If you genuinely enjoy and appreciate classical Indian music and can concentrate beyond these associations, it’s still very very good meditation music.

The sitar is complicated to master because there are not any distinguishable markings between strings, so that’s a challenge to many who consider taking it up. A variety of strings and plucking motions are utilized to induce distinctive effects of varying degrees. It is important to take maintenance costs into consideration when choosing the most suitable sitar. Trying to master the instrument means surrendering to the sitar, which has meditative properties of it’s own.

To a lot of people in many cultures around the globe, sitar music and ragas play a significant part of life and especially play a central role in the cultural heritage of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. The vibrations of the sitar strings are an essential measure for relaxation and can open the Sahasrara chakra. Indian music has seen lots of changes over time but one thing has remained constant…the sitar emotes sounds that can vibrate through to one’s soul.