How to play Sitar

How to play Sitar

Learn The Sitar Through Lessons and Classes

The sitar is captivating with its distinct and mystifying sounds. Intrigued individuals who wish to know how to play can turn to a variety of resources to learn sitar.

However, no matter which way individuals decide to go, each must realize that developing sitar playing skill does not come easily and requires hard work, patience and dedication.

A sitar class is the most direct way to learn how to play the sitar. A sitar teacher can educate their students about the design and history of the sitar in addition to hands-on guidance to develop playing skills. Sitar classes requiring in-person attendance also provide students with the opportunity to have an experienced individual hear their playing to determine areas requiring improvement.

Although sites like can assist in finding a local teacher and class, in some areas live classes are scarce. In this case, those with the desire to learn can seek out online sitar classes offered by sites like These can be attended from the comfort of home through the use of the internet. Some online classes are offered in real time that include interaction with an experienced instructor, for example visit Other websites, such as, may offer video lessons as a learning resource for aspiring sitar players. Sitar dvds and cds are other available resources to supplement learning. These can be purchased from sites like, BombayMusic.comor YourWorldInstruments.comfor in-home practice and development. They will include guidance and lessons from experienced players or instructors through audio and visual sitar lessons. As it takes a lifetime to learn how to play the sitar, interested individuals should waste no time in pursuing their dream to play. It is suggested that students try the different ways of learning – from online classes to personal instruction to DVDS and settle on the one that works best for them or fully engage in learning by combining all of the methods of learning how to play sitar above.