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Indian Sitar Music is Available for Free

The mysterious sounds of the sitar are popping up everywhere, from Bollywood movies to Indian restaurants to Hookah bars. Where is the most interesting place you’ve heard sitar music playing? Wonder where you could go to download Indian music inexpensively or even for free? Well, if you have, you are in luck. You can start by searching for “Download Indian music” or “Download Sitar Music” and you will see a list of several sites where you can download free Indian music. We’ve compiled the best for you in the list below:

Subscription Sites and Download Sites

When doing your search, the list of results that come up will tell you whether or not the music is free. You can get an Indian sitar music mp3 from whichever genre you want, be it Classical, Hindi, Bengali, Sanskrit or the many others. Whatever song or raga you can think of, you’ll probably find it on one of the many sites where you can get any Indian music mp3, for your computer, mp3 player, or Ipod.